Be Connected After Your Split

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You may have had a rough relationship with your girlfriend and have decided to separate because of a huge disagreement but you may still have what it takes to get back to her. Many couples worldwide have gotten back together after a serious breakup. Right now, if you still have feelings for your ex and strongly believe that you want to have a romantic relationship with her once more then you should just make an effort to get close to her again so that you could eventually confess your intentions and then hopefully have your broken relationship fixed. Even though talking to your former lover may be the way to go, it isn’t that easy and it may not be appropriate for you to do so shortly following your separation. That would be since you two have to have space to evaluate things and make decisions in life. Starting a relationship takes commitment and so does deciding to separate but love can return and mend even the most serious of wounds. If you’ve stopped hurting and are ready to be in love and in a committed relationship with your ex, please try the tips written under to work your way to make you two a couple again.

It’s normal to ask how to get your ex back when you’re depressed and are feeling lonely because men may have this feeling of intense isolation even shortly after a romance had become sour. Asking how to rekindle your romance with a person most likely means that you literally want to experience being and having a solid relationship with your ex again so you should take action and work on reaching your desires instead of being consumed by extreme sadness. Though this may be the case, as said, you shouldn’t approach your former partner right away. You should keep a distance so that your hearts will grow fonder. She may miss you due to your absence and you certainly have missed her due to the fact that you’re thinking about getting back to her. So when will you meet up with her then? When can you send her messages? There is no specific date or time for this but it would be smart for you to wait for a month or so to contact your ex once more. That’s so you both could evaluate your lives and have a bit of freedom from one another.

To increase your chances of being preferred again by your ex-girlfriend, you could try to do physical activities and improve your nutrition so that you’d become fit and attractive. Other than that, you could try increasing your earnings too. The point is that you could try to increase your “value” or work on improving how people, in general, perceive you so that you’d also be able to make better your ex’s impression of you. If you’ve received complaints from her about certain attributes and you think that she’s right then you should follow her advice. To meet up with her after you deem yourself improved, you should just text or call her upfront. If you’re not at ease with the idea then you could get a friend to be the bridge between you two.


Getting an Ex Back

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Getting an ex-girlfriend back is never easy and is often harder than winning her in the first place. This means that if a girl finishes with you, you had better think very carefully as to whether or not it is worth the effort it is going to take to get her back. Of course, in many cases, the guys think it is because they realize that she really was the girl for him and so there could be no substitute. If this is the case you had better think of a plan on how to get your ex back and hope that it works.

All too many guys think it will just be a case of begging her to come back using a lot of groveling. Whilst groveling may certainly help, begging should always be avoided as the girl then thinks of the guy as being weak and that will stay in their memory and one day, perhaps soon, may cause for the two of you to split again. So, grovel by all means but never actually beg as even if you do get together, it is doubtful it will last if she came back because you begged. Especially if your begging caused her to come back to you with a feeling of pity.

Another thing you should not do when trying to win an ex back dwells on the past. You may think it is a good idea to remind them of some good times you had but research shows it is most likely to also remind them of the bad things too, the things that made her leave you. This means when confronting her, you talk of the future and of how bright it can be for the two of you together, perhaps have a suggestion worked out for something romantic. This is perhaps a particularly good tactic if you think she thought you were not romantic enough in the past but can help under any circumstances.

The girl will have her reasons for finishing with you but she may not have told them. This can be awkward as before you can gain her back, you have to fix what was wrong and if you do not know what was wrong, that is hard. You must, therefore, determine what the problem was before you can proceed with any chance of success. Once you have established what the problem was, you can then work on fixing it if possible.

I may be something small, to you at least and therefore easy to fix but to her, it may have been a big deal and could be overjoyed you made the effort to fix it. Of course, though it could be the other way around, something she thinks is easy to fix but in reality isn’t that easy. To be successful though you will have to find a way to prevail at any cost in order to win your ex-girlfriend back and this time keeps her.